Northern Spy

The Northern Spy is an iconic heirloom apple variety, once widely grown in this country. Coveted by apple connoisseurs, it’s popularity peaked in the early 20 th century, when it was the 4th most popular apple grown in the United States. The apple originated as a seedling in the orchard of Herman Chapin of East Bloomfield, New York, and the town continues to celebrate its famous apple to this day.

As you enter the town of East Bloomfield, you will find a sign proudly stating, East Bloomfield - Home of the Northern Spy apple. There is even a plaque in East Bloomfield, marking the spot of the original tree. The Northern Spy is high in Vitamin C and is a multi-purpose apple that is excellent for fresh eating, cooking, drying and cider making.  In the 1905 book, Apples of New York, the author writes the Northern Spy “easily ranks among the very best winter apples in New York.”


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